ZEUS 4000

Monitoring, Classification, RF Direction Finding, Jaming


Detecting the type of communication in a radio spectrum is difficult and requires sophisticated specialized systems and knowledge. ZEUS System will identify the type of communication and extract useful information for the final purpose of prevention of unwanted communications.
ZEUS System uses the newest technical features and applications available on the market, such as direct digital sampling receivers and jammers able to jam hoppers and CDMA signals.
The system is installed in an air-conditioned shelter powered by electric generator but can be fit into two or three different shelters in order to separate monitoring unit and personnel workplace from jamming unit(s).
The whole system is mobile and fits on the most state-of-the art off-road trucks

FUll Presentation

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ZEUS System is scalable as:

⇒ Monitoring and Classification to 1GHz / 3GHz / 6GHz / 8GHz / 20GHz

⇒ Direction Finding to 1GHz / 3GHz / 6GHz / 8GHz / 20GHz

⇒ Jamming to 1GHz / 3GHz / 6GHz / 8GHz

⇒ Jamming Output power 1kW / 2kW / 3kW

ZEUS System Measurements and Jamming Applications

⇒ Spectrum monitoring in HF / VHF / UHF/ SHF bands to search, detect and analyze signals and specify its main parameters;

⇒ Suppression mode to prevent communication and to suppress satellite positioning systems;

⇒ DF mode to Radio Signal Direction finding;

⇒ Storage mode to continuously cyclic recording of HF / VHF / UHF / SHF band signals and to analyze offline the parameters of recorded signals.