Ochranný štít

special protection level by GOST R 50744‑95 (ch. №2)

Shockproof shield is designed for protection from the impact of stones, bottles,
iron bars, as well as from the impact of cold steel arms (bayonet knife
with factory sharpening).

Design features

Made of aluminium alloy. The shield surface has protective coating.
On the inside, the shield has a handle (for wrist holding), a staple (for elbow
holding), an absorber, and an additional rubber-coated handle.
The shield can be additionally equipped with:
• Additional handles for simultaneous two-handed holding;
• Rubber baton fixing;
• Lower support;
• Polycarbonate protective screen for peepholes.

Protection coverage
from 55 up to 65 dm2
(on the configuration).
Maximum weight: 5 kg.