Prilba odolná voči nárazom

special level (NIJ‑Std‑0106.00) / special level S (GOST R 50744‑95)

Protective shockproof helmet SPH-02 is designed for individual
head protection against the impact of heavy sticks,
stones, bottles, etc. and from cold arms as per the special
protection level.
The item consists of body, visor, removable aventail,
amortising and supporting system.
The unit can be additionally equipped with:
• gas mask;
• goggles.

Design features

The body and the visor of the item are composed of
shockproof plastic. The visor is coated with waterproof
sealant. The removable aventail is made of flexible material.
The helmet is produced in two sizes (58, 60).
Maximum weight: 1.85 kg.