Prilba odolná strelám

protection level: I (NIJ-Std-0101.04) / Br 1 (GOST R 50744‑95)

Bulletproof helmet is designed for head protection from small
arms bullets and shrapnel damage.
The index of splinterproof resistibility is V50% ≥ 550 m/s.

Design features

The helmet has widenings in the ear area.
On the external surface of the helmet, brackets can be
place for the purpose of fixing additional equipment
(by agreement with the customer).
Usage with a visor made of polycarbonate is possible.
The helmet can be equipped with a textile case
(by agreement with the customer).
The helmet is produced in two nominal sizes:
1) from 54 to 56 head size;
2) from 58 to 62 head size.
Protection coverage
at least 12 dm2.
Maximum weight:
1.45 kg (without brackets for additional equipment).