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protection level Br 1, S2 (GOST R 50744‑95) / I (NIJ‑Std‑0101.04)

The load-bearing belt is designed for weight distribution of armor and carried equipment.
The load-bearing belt consists of the belt, removable back support, and thigh protection.

Design features

The load-bearing system of MOLLE type is provided on the face side of the belt and thigh protection.
The belt provides the possibility to insert soft protective structures for the purpose of body protection from small
arms bullets and shrapnel damage.

Protection coverage

n accordance with protection level Br1 as per GOST R 50744-95 (I as per NIJ-Std-0101.04)
and S2 (V50% ≥ 550 m/s) as per GOST R 50744-95 at least 21 dm2 (including greaves).

Maximum weight

• 0.8 kg (without soft protective structures, with thigh protection and back support);
• 2.4 kg (with ballistic packages).