Štít odolná strelám

protection level: IV (NIJ-Std-0101.04) / 5 (GOST R 50744‑95 ch. №2)

Designed for a man’s body protection from small firearms damage.
The item has handles for comfortable taking and holding.
In the lower part of the inside, the item contains a folding support
for setting it verticality .
It has a pocket for additional hard plates on the external side.
The bulletproof glass of the size of not less than 100x200 mm is set
in the peephole area.
The item goes with a bag for transporting and keeping.
The item can be additionally equipped with:
• load-bearing system (with belt and shoulder straps);
• removable apron;
• removable flash-light with stroboscope mode (working time
with fully charged battery is not less than 1 hour);
• attraction/target element.

Protection coverage

Basic: at least 40.5 dm2 (protection level 3 as per
GOST R 50744-95 (ch. 2) / III of NIJ‑Std‑0101.04 provides
protection from 5.45-mm bullets (steel, not heat-strengthened
core) of cartridge 7N6 for AK-74 assault rifle and from
7.62-mm bullets (steel, not heat-strengthened core) of
cartridge 57-N-231 for AKM assault rifle).
• Additional hard armor plate: at least 17.5 dm2 (protection
level 5 as per GOST R 50744‑95 (ch. 2) / IV of NIJ‑Std‑0101.04).
• Removable apron: at least 13 dm2 (protection level 2
by GOST R 50744‑95 (ch. 2) / IIA of NIJ‑Std‑0101.04).
Weight: 24.5 kg.
Weight of apron: 1.8 kg.