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The company TURDAY GS, s.r.o. The company successfully operates in the demanding and highly competitive environment of the security industry and specializes in the supply of security technology products, repairs, personnel training, operation and maintenance. The comprehensive offer of TURDAY GS, s.r.o., which was founded in 2013, is supplemented by repairs, staff training, operation, maintenance and supply of spare parts for the security industry.

A wide range of technologies enables our demanding customers to provide comprehensive services in the field of security technology supply, together with the test equipment needed for operation, as well as for testing technological parts and various safety equipment. The dynamic development during its short history indicates that the company is able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of its clients.

SPIDERNET -Security Alarm System

AUTONOMOUS, RAPID-DEPLOYABLE, COMPACT solution for detection and recognition of moving objects of the following classes:



Low-Flying Object

SPIDERNET is designed for monitoring of extended and/or localized segments of terrain, borders or perimeters of objects, routes of approach, for the purpose of temporary or long-term protection of remote territories by transmitting alarms, seismic and photographic information to the control station.

Zeus 1000-4000

Detecting the type of communication in a radio spectrum is difficult and requires sophisticated specialized systems and knowledge. ZEUS System will identify the type of communication and extract useful information for the final purpose of prevention of unwanted communications.

ZEUS System uses the newest technical features and applications available on the market, such as direct digital sampling receivers and jammers able to jam hoppers and CDMA signals.

The system is installed in an air-conditioned shelter powered by electric generator but can be fit into two or three different shelters in order to separate monitoring unit and personnel workplace from jamming unit(s).

The whole system is mobile and fits on the most state-of-the art off-road trucks


Portable Jamming System based on Reactive/Active/Hybrid Generators.


Hand-Held Combined Metal & Gamma Radiation Detector

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